New 70W Wallpack

Replaces up to 175W HID fixture

New 17W Wallpack

Replaces 70W HID fixture

New 30W Wallpack

Replaces 100W HID fixture

See things in a different Light!

New 160W 22,000 lumen High Bay Fixture

Replaces 400W HID fixture

LED lighting is the new revolution in
green, energy saving lighting systems.


NEW! Financing for your LED project now available!

LED lighting is the new revolution in green, energy saving lighting systems.

LEDs are a reduced biohazard – no toxins (lead and mercury free). Today’s LEDs are about 10 times more energy efficient than normal incandescent bulbs.
Compared to standard 100 w Household Bulbs, using our 7w Bulb will save you approximately $400 in electricity over the life of the bulb!

Imagine what it could do for entire City Blocks?

  • Saving Energy and Money
  • Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions
  • Reduce Excessive Lighting and Light Pollution
  • Maintaining a Safe Level of Lighting

IF YOUR COMMUNITY OR BUSINESS is committed to savings and reducing the level of light pollution by using the most efficient LED street-light fixtures and employing the latest design methods, please contact us today.

*Not all products are qualified on the DLC QPL. To view our DLC qualified products, please consult the DLC Qualified Products List at

EnduraliteLED is well known for its high quality products for the Industrial, Commercial and Mining lighting
applications with high-quality, low-carbon products that achieve the goals of a greener economy.

EnduraliteLED is a sustaining member of IES (Illuminating Engineering Society).

Enduralite LED Ltd. is a BBB Accredited Lighting Consultant in Springfield, MB

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