About Us

A Leader in LED Lights Technology

EnduraliteLED is a supplier of LED lights and lighting products that utilize the latest in LED technology.

EnduraliteLED supplies ground breaking LED lights and products which utilize a new technology that has revolutionized LED lighting systems.  This new technology combines both the LED and the light source into one molded component. This is the only true “green” LED product worldwide.

EnduraliteLED lighting products are able to obtain the maximum lumen output while keeping the junction temperature low. This gives long life to the LEDS while emitting the highest level of light.




LED Lights - flood lightMission Statement

Our Mission is to be the global leader in the manufacturing and supplying of LED Luminaries through technological advancement, innovation, superior customer service, quality and commitment to consistently outperform our peers. We are also committed to creating a safer environment for all.

We will accomplish this by exceeding the expectations of our customers while conserving resources and preserving the quality of the environment by minimizing our own ecological footprint.

It is our commitment to be an equal opportunity employer and diverse company as we serve customers and employ people around the world. We see it as a business imperative that is essential to thriving in a very competitive global marketplace.

Corporate Social Responsibility Report

EnduraliteLED maintains a comprehensive approach to social responsibility in the key areas of the environment, the market in which we conduct business, the well-being of our employees and giving back to our community.

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