Parking Lot


LED parking lot light

General Features

  • Ultra-Efficient Secondary Lens delivers excellent uniformity and illumination to the task surface

Housing Characteristics:


  • Light-weight, high strength, easy to access power chamber door
  • Tool-less access and quick-connect wiring for ease of installation/maintenance
  • Extruded Aluminum and Die-Cast Housing with IP66 rating, suitable for all-weather and dust intrusion applications
  • Quality finish with custom color options
  • Power door safety tenon to avoid accidental drops during installation or maintenance

Optical Characteristics:

  • No Ultraviolet(UV) or Infrared (IR) Radiation
  • Luminaire Efficacy exceeds 108 lm/W
  • Type I, II, III and V photometric distribution available, with house side shield options
  • Superior BUG ratings, with Zero Uplight meets Municipal and Environmental requirements
  • Efficient and effective adherence to RP-8 standards
  • Dark-sky compliant

Mechanical Characteristics:

  • Innovative Passive heat sink with superior thermal management
  • Slip-fitter design suitable for 1.260” to 2.559” diameter for mast arm fastening
  • Adjustable +/- 7.5° vertical tilt step arm holder with 2.5° increments
  • Rotatable 3-prong photocell receptacle compliant with ANSI C136.10
  • Resistance to Vibration compliant with ANSI C136.31

Electrical Characteristics:

  • Available in 120~277 VAC and 347~480 VAC Power Supply
  • 40 LED (70W) to 60 LED (145W) configurations are available
  • Separate/External 10kV/10kA Surge Protection Device
  • Advance power supply provides 0-10V diming and interoperability with adaptive control systems
  • EMC compliant with FCC47 CFR Part 15
  • Transient Protection compliant with ANSI / IEEE C62.41.2


  • Parking Lot
  • Residential
  • Roadway
  • Area Lighting
  • Outdoor Lighting



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