LRL3 Models


Roadway - LRL3 LED Lights

General Features

  • Superior Passive Thermal Technology ensures low LED junction temperatures Delivers over 100 lm/W with over 65% energy savings. Type I, II, III and V photometric distribution available.

Light-weight and superior thermal technology with passive heat sink


  • VIVIX LRL3 LED roadway products are designed and engineered with adaptability and high performance in mind. They are built for the most extreme environments and weather conditions. They deliver over 97 lm/W fixture efficacy using next generation optical lenses. 20 LED (30W) to 120 LED (280W) configurations are available to replace 70W to 400W traditional H.I.D. lamps.
  • VIVIX LRL3 luminaires incorporate superior thermal management using passive heat sink technology. Luminaires and individual components are IP66 rated. The power chamber has a proprietary gasket system that protects components from water and dust intrusion. The tool-less and quick-connect features of the LRL3 allows for quick and effortless maintenance and use “sure-click/connect” technology.
  • Available in 3 sizes:
    2-Module (Small)
    4-Module (Medium)
    6-Module (Large)


  • Roadway
  • Residential
  • Parking Lot
  • Bridge Lighting
  • Area Lighting
  • Outdoor Lighting

Housing Characteristics:

  • Light-weight, high strength, easy to access power chamber door
  • Tool-less access and quick-connect wiring for ease of installation/maintenance
  • Extruded Aluminum and Die-Cast Housing with IP66 – IP64 (with Drain Holes) rating, suitable for all-weather and dust intrusion applications
  • Quality finish with custom color options
  • Power door safety tenon to avoid accidental drops during installation or maintenance

Optical Characteristics:

  • No Ultraviolet(UV) or Infrared (IR) Radiation
  • Luminaire Efficacy exceeds 97 lm/W
  • Type I, II, III and V photometric distribution available, with house side shield options
  • Superior BUG ratings, with Zero Uplight meets Municipal and Environmental requirements
  • Efficient and effective adherence to RP-8 standards
  • Dark-sky compliant

Mechanical Characteristics:

  • Innovative Passive heat sink with superior thermal management
  • Slip-fitter design suitable for 1.260” to 2.559” diameter for mast arm fastening
  • Adjustable +/- 7.5° vertical tilt step arm holder with 2.5° increments
  • Rotatable 3-prong photocell receptacle compliant with ANSI C136.10
  • Resistance to Vibration compliant with ANSI C136.31

Electrical Characteristics:

  • Available in 120~277 VAC and 347~480 VAC Power Supply
  • 20 LED (30W) to 120 LED (280W) configurations are available
  • Separate/External 10kV/10kA Surge Protection Device
  • Advance power supply provides 0-10V diming and interoperability with adaptive control systems
  • EMC compliant with FCC47 CFR Part 15
  • Transient Protection compliant with ANSI / IEEE C62.41.2


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