Illuminating The Future


20150827_211904“Yesterday as I left the school at 6:15 p.m., in the dark, due to the daylight savings time change, I saw 22 kids playing on the well lit Greenspace field.   They were enjoying a soccer game and laughing. I was once again so very pleased that there is a place for them to play and enjoy themselves and parents/guardians know where they are and they are safe. I had to stand and watch for a short time and smile.
We are so very grateful, on a continuous basis, for your generous donation that supports the lives of our children and youth.”
Arlene Skull, Principal, Gordon Bell High School, Winnipeg, MB


“We built a new powder coat line here at Seed Hawk when we built our new shop. We installed LED light fixtures we purchased from EnduraliteLED in our wash prep area, dry booth and our powder booth. The lighting turned out to be excellent; the LED lights provide a well-lit working environment with a nice even lighting and no shadows to contend with. Goodman Industrial was good to work with in designing some custom fixtures for what we needed.”
Mike Ecklund, Weldshop Supervisor, Seed Hawk, Langbank, Sk.

“Please accept this letter as a testimonial for the Enduralite-LED light fixtures that we have installed in our newly renovated office location.  The lights provide a brighter environment that is more soft and easier on our eyes.  There is no glare off the computer screen or bright spots on paper when trying to work.  The light seems to be more consistent without flickering that can be irritating on our eyes.”
Clare Agnew, Director of Community Services, Town of Morden

“The initial findings strongly supported a consideration for an entire switchover to LED lighting. The lumen output measured (on average) a 10% increase in overall brightness in each test office and although end users were initially wary of the lighting and commented that it was “too bright”, after a 1-3 days adjustment period, users found the LED lights very comfortable and their eyes did not feel as tired at the end of the day.  VIEW FULL REPORT HERE
E2E Lighting Solutions, Calgary, ABLED Light fixtures in arena

“Just to give you a bit of an idea how the light levels at the Morden rinks worked out, please see following. East Rink; 48 – 230 Watt fixtures were installed replacing the previous 48-3 x 48 Watt LED’s. Fixture location placement was very much the same with perhaps a slight increase in mounting height, by some 2 to 3 ft higher.”     VIEW TEST RESULTS & READ MORE HERE
George Ens, E-N-S International

 “We now have installed 8 of the street lights (Triples) and 3 of the Mules (doubles) at the plant site and the results have been outstanding. The street light application is indoors and is a replacement for the high bay warehouse lighting traditionally used. The Mules are in an outdoor application in our load out facility and were actually installed as a temporary measure while we repaired our old system. We were so impressed with them that we are now incorporating the Mules into our new load out lighting design and plan to use the street lights for our new parking lot facility. They are as good as you said they would be and our electricians could not believe how little amperage they draw. Thanks again.”
Michael Silvernagle, Construction General Foreman, PCS Cory Division

“Here at Goodman Industrial we purchased and installed EnduraliteLED lights throughout our entire warehouse. They are really a joy to work under. The lights we chose from EnduraliteLED are wonderful, clean, bright, sun-mimicking colour that makes everything easier to read and work around. We notice a difference in all aspects of day-to-day operation and our appreciation continues to grow daily since we have yet to change another bulb.
Goodman Industrial Staff

“For a number of years, flourescent lighting has irritated my eyes.  I first noticed the irritaiton 7 years ago when I began attending university.  I spent over 6 hours a day, 5 days a week, in classrooms with flourescent lighting.  In less than two hours of my eyes being exposed to the flourescent lights, they would start to burn and become bloodshot.  By the same token, once removed from flourescent exposure, my eyes felt almost instant relief.  When I started working full-time for Goodman Industrial, the office I worked in had flourescent lights. My eyes spent over 8 hours a day, 5 days a week exposed to this lighting.  Just as they had in the classroom, my eyes became extremely irritated under the flourescent lights.  Once Enduralite LED Lights were introduced, they were installed in our offices.  My eyes were instantly relieved after the flourescent lighting was replaced with Enduralite LEDs.  After spending the same amount of time per day exposed to these lights, my eyes did not burn and were not bloodshot.  Having been installed in my office for almost a year now, the Enduralite LED Lights have not once irritated my eyes.  The improvement is truly remarkable.”
Chelsea Fafard, Goodman Industrial

“This past winter our company, (Mosaic Potash Esterhazy) purchased and installed four of the EnduraliteLED street lights in our employee’s parking lot. These four fixtures replaced four, four hundred watt high pressure sodium fixtures. The Enduralite uses half the power while producing an intense bright white light compared to that of the high pressure sodium fixtures. I have received nothing but positive comments from our employees on these new fixtures.Having said that, the plan is to replace all of our remaining street lights with the Enduralite fixture.”
Jim Stevenson, Mosaic Potash Esterhazy